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The Truth is Out There. Today is World UFO Day.


(WTRF) Before we get to the Fourth of July, there’s an extraterrestrial holiday to celebrate. 

Today is World UFO Day. But that doesn’t necessarily mean aliens. It’s a day that recognizes those flying objects we can’t identify. 

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You may ask, how do we celebrate? Just head outside and take a gander at the sky. You can spend the day and night trying to spot a UFO. 

But before you start thinking aliens, the term UFO doesn’t necessarily mean that. 

NASA recently released more videos of different flying objects. But don’t get ahead of yourself–it might not be what you think.  

This is actually the second World UFO Day of the year, the first being on June 24. July 2 recalls the Roswell incident in 1947 when a rancher in New Mexico discovered mysterious debris from an alleged spacecraft strewn across his ranch. The US military initially sent a press release announcing they had found a flying saucer, but they soon retracted that statement.

Still, the mystery remains and the truth certainly has to be out there.

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