There’s a brand new way for the Ohio Valley to chill out!

It’s called “Cryo Therapy.” It’s a wellness treatment where spa-goers enter a freezing chamber with an ice-cold temperature of -151 degrees. It sounds insane, but it only lasts three minutes and offers a variety of health benefits including Hormone increase, pain relief, mental health clarity, increased energy, and more.

“I am the coolest place in town minus 151 degrees – you will not find a cooler place in Wheeling,” said Jessica Barclay, Co-Owner, Thrive Wheeling.

This is only one of several cutting-edge spa trends offered by Thrive Wheeling, a brand new wellness spa that just moved into its Main Street location this May.

Owners said, their goal is to help Wheeling residents recognize how good it feels, to feel good.

“Everybody wants to look better, feel better and perform better and we cover all three of those,” said Barclay.

You can find a full list of their services on their website.

Side note, if you’re still hustling around to find dad a Father’s Day gift, they’re offering a special. If you come in with your father, they’ll let you both enter the Cyro chamber for the price of one.