The Pittsburgh native rockstar Bret Michaels has adopted Bret Michaels and Roses & Thorn

The rocker, Bret Michaels adopted a dog named Bret Michaels, after the rock star heard about the heroic story of the dog, Bret Michaels.

The dog is being called a hero after it saved a kitten, named Roses & Thorn, who was suffering from flea anemia.

Roses & Thorn needed blood and cats like humans have blood types but don’t have  a “universal donor” type, O-, that can be safely transfused into a person with any other type. Cats, however, don’t have the luxury of a universal donor type, and transfusing the wrong blood could have dire consequences.

According to the Nebraska Humane Society, The dog, Bret, just had bloodwork done and knew he was a good candidate to donate.

“A round of ap-paws for Bret Michaels for being such a calm and brave boy, and to our vet team for their quick thinking. Little man is now on the road to recovery, and Bret Michaels is waiting patiently for his forever family!” the humane society wrote on Facebook.

Bret, the human, took to Instagram after adopting the pair.

“My friends – meet li’l Bret Michaels, the husky and also Roses & Thorn, the kitten he saved 🐈 along with the incredible human beings & staff that worked so hard to save & improve pet lives. It takes a village of awesomeness & now I have a new mission…to find an incredible home for the kitten!”