Bridgeport Middle School’s Anti-Virus Program sparking plenty of positivity


BRIDGEPORT, Oh.- (WTRF) Lying, stealing and bullying are negative words that have a negative impact while words like responsibility, ambition and generosity spark positivity.

Bridgeport Middle School is teaching middle schoolers this concept in what is called the Anti-Virus Program.

“The course of the program talks about responsibility, talks about ambition, talks about restraint, emotions, generosity.”

Jerry Moore, Bridgeport Schools Board Member

Bridgeport Schools Board Member Jerry Moore, who is this year’s speaker, is mentioning some of the topics discussed during an Anti-Virus Program at Bridgeport Middle School.

The goal of the middle school is to help students, primarily sixth graders, who are in a wealth of growth during this age, make positive life choices instead of negative ones according to Bridgeport Middle School Principal Anne Haverty Lawson.

“It really centers around students who are going through puberty. They’re growing up. There’s a world of difference between a fifth grader and an eighth grader and we are trying to help them see a positive future.”

Anne Haverty Lawson, Bridgeport Middle School Principal

Moore has received some rave reviews from the teachers and the positive impact the program is having on students.

“They say this is real stuff that I talk about . Things they normally don’t have the opportunity to talk about in class anymore with all of the testing going on and they welcome this and they can see the benefit it is giving to the student.”

Jerry Moore, Bridgeport Schools Board Member

One of those students is sixth grader, Aidan Clegg, who says the program is helping him to define the kind of young man he wants to be.

“We’ve worked on character building and constructing ourselves as a person and building ourselves a future. We’ve discussed character, responsibility, hard work. We had a debate a couple of weeks ago about cruelty and kindness in the world.”

Aidan Clegg, Sixth Grader

Adelyn Canter ,who is also a sixth grader says the program, is teaching her about how to express her emotions and how to achieve her goals.

“We’ve been learning to set goals and achieve them for our future so you can achieve your goals one day and have a healthy friendship or relationship with someone.”

Adelyn Canter, Sixth Grader

This program is ultimately designed to help these changing children as they develop into young men and women and help them make those positive choices for their future.

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