(WTRF)– One teenager has been using his powers for good.

He lifts the spirits of those in need by spreading positivity and hope.  

We all have this power to help people and make their days better.

So, all of us in the group, we have the responsibility to go out and brighten up everyone’s lives.

Spider-man, Bridgeport High School Student

That is him. Your Friendly Valley Wide Spider-man.  

He is a senior at Bridgeport High School and for years he has been a positive light to children everywhere.  

He and this team travel across the Ohio Valley and beyond, visiting terminally ill children and fundraising for charity.   

Spider-man says he does not do it for the recognition.  

It’s just so soul filling to know that you went out and you made this little kid who may not have much time left or not much in their life to smile about, you made their day. You got them to laugh, smile. Have fun

Spider-man, Bridgeport High School Student

He says Spider-man represents the good in all of us, anyone can be behind the mask.  

Tommy Wenzsyl is a good friend of Spider-man and says he has seen this great idea grow into what it is today.  

Super Wishes for Little Heroes

The charity is called Super Wishes for Little Heroes. It’s something relatively new, like it itself, but he’s been doing charity work since he started him.

Him and his group just recently become members of both the Wheeling Chamber of Commerce and the Saint Clairsville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tommy Wensyel, Friend of Spider-man

He says as new additions to those organizations they hope to help more children and families in need.  

Superintendent Brent Ripley says years ago he saw Spider-man at a local event and he is amazed how far he has come since then.  

Honestly, it was good to see. Our lives are about serving one another. It doesn’t matter what profession we have or what we do in life.

We’re always servants to one another and it’s just great to see that heart and that servanthood come out.

Brent Ripley, Superintendent, Bridgeport High School

As a normal teenager, how does he find the time to do it all? 

Spider-man’s principal Tom Daley says Spider-man sets the standard for everyone.

He says we can all do a little more.  

One of my biggest goals is, you know, we want to produce good people, and this is this is him doing good things and being a good person.

So, we’re going to support that. Of course, some of that started interfering with school, so when he came to us and asked if he’d be able to be excused for part of the day, or there were some instances where there’s a whole day to do these engagements, we’re of course, we’re going to let that happen. If he’s doing good things for other people and helping the community, we’re all for that

Tom Daley, Principle, Bridgeport High School

Spider-man says he hopes to expand his work across the world.

He’s already touched the lives of so many children in the Ohio Valley.