BROOKE CO., WVa. (WTRF) — The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has awarded grant funding to the Brooke County Emergency Management Agency to expand their Project Lifesaver Program.

This public safety program helps protect individuals who are prone to wandering due to a dementia-related illness or other cognitive disorders.

Now what this $6,000 grant can do is to provide safety technology to Brooke County families who are caring for their loved ones.

Wandering is a common behavior and the person afffected can become disoriented, unable to return to safety or not know how or who to call for help.

The money will cover the cost of small wrist or ankle transmitters that would emit an individualized radio frequency signal to alert a trained response team to help locate the person and help return them home safely.

The technology helps reduce search and rescue times from hours or days to just a matter of minutes.

The Project Lifesaver Program is something that aids law-enforcement and first responders in returning somebody home safely. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is so pleased to be able provide grants to public safety agencies, like the Brooke county EMA, to help fund these important safety programs.

Chris Schneider, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Brooke County EMA Deputy Director Jeffrey Luck says their agency is very honored to be awarded this grant from the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Brooke County families can voluntarily enroll in the Project Lifesaver Program by calling 304-737-7094.