WELLSBURG, W.Va.- (WTRF) Some new details out of Brooke County on their Judicial Annex.

Commissioners talked with 7News about who they chose for a contractor, and when they could possibly break ground on the project.

The commissioners signed a contract with Rycon Construction to start building their Judicial Annex Building.

The funding is in place for the $12.3 million dollar project.

The contractor has roughly 450 days to complete the project.

This building will be three stories and will house the court systems.

Those being the magistrate, family and circuit courts, along with the circuit clerk’s office, probation office and the prosecutor’s office.

We’re just so excited for the people of Brooke County to have such a beautiful facility that we’re proposing and the view from down the Ohio River will just be outstanding. So, we felt if we were going to do something, let’s do it right and let’s have something that all of Brooke County can be proud of.

Tim Ennis, Brooke County Commissioner

He says it will be nice to finally have everything under one building.

Ennis believes it will make for a more efficient government.