MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — Cameron High School will be highlighting their brand-new facility tonight with a public preview. We took a look at the Dragon Stadium upgrade. 

Those in Marshall County may have noticed there has been a lot of construction around Cameron High School. Well, it’s finally been completed.

The football field now has brand-new turf for the Dragons. It’s also surrounded by facilities that will be used for academics and athletics this fall.

The existing space measured at 4,300 sq. ft. The school felt that this space was not able to fill all their current needs and activities.  

Michael Price, facilities director of Marshall County Schools says that an upgrade was definitely needed. The only problem was that they did not have much space to complete it.  

We challenged our engineers and architect to stack on top of our existing condition and this is what the turnout is. We’re extremely proud of it.” 

Michael Price, Facilities Director of Marshall County Schools 

The new Dragon stadium athletic complex now measures at 12,425 sq. ft. Creating space for things such as locker rooms, a concession stand, a hall of fame, and variety of multi-purpose rooms.  

The second component of the project was the football field. It stood as a grass field for an estimated 100 years.  Price says they had several water draining problems and that by adding turf and a new draining system that it itself would improve the stadiums condition overall.  

It’s going to benefit all of our student athletes across the board, middle school and high school. With the lack of facilities we had in the past most of the rooms are multi-purpose and then with this football field, we call it athletic turf.

We’re able to get out here and play baseball on it, softball on it. Not only are we playing football here, but we’re able to do a lot of other sports for both middle school and high school.

Roger Cain, Athletic Director of Cameron High School 

Cain says that not only will student athletes be able to utilize these facilities, but they’ve also created a classroom environment allowing courses like athletic training to take place inside.

This construction also allowed them to focus on updating several safety standards.