CAMERON, W.Va. (WTRF) – “I come from a family of three brothers, myself—there’s four. We all served. That’s the way we grew up. It’s a humble thing. It’s very humble to see this,” said Jim Rogers. “That’s what they do. They walk through, they take pictures. It’s amazing.” 

Jim Rogers has a lot of pride as an American Veteran, and he has dedicated the last four years to a Field of Flags in Cameron that honors those who have served our country. 

“It goes from the Revolutionary War to active duty and there are men and women over there so I have brothers and sisters over there…The other thing is, out of those people over there except for the Revolutionary War guys because they fought so we could have a Constitution, everybody else in that park over there, dead or alive, raised their right hand and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Amen. There’s where the comradery comes from. You had a purpose.” 

899 flags cover the field, each representing a powerful story.  

“We have a sign here. When he was 17 years old, he lied about his age, and got on a train and went to fight in the Civil War. He was a POW,” said Rogers. 

There’s also the Tucker family who has a blood line that serves in every war dating back to the Civil War. Rogers credits his community for helping to honor those who have fallen.  

“The people in this town are amazing. They are not boastful but they are thankful and if you look at the park, you know they’re thankful. They are thankful for the people in their family who took the time to come up and some of them didn’t come home. We’ve got people who didn’t come home. There’s special people here.” 

“It’s because they fought for our freedoms. The things that we take for granted that shouldn’t be taken advantage of because they’ve given their time and their lives, it should be appreciated,” said David Logan.  

Each flag on the field is handmade by Rogers and his wife. Rogers says he’s proud to be an American and he’s happy to provide a place that’s almost sacred for veterans. In Cameron, I’m Caroline Peters, Working for you.  

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