WHEELING W.V.a (WTRF) Catholic school students have something to be proud of.

They scored above the national average on tests, despite the pandemic. The schools remained open last school year for five days a week in person unless a state mandate was in place. 

The schools provided a test called the Measure of Academic Progress assessment or Map. 

Students take the tests three times a year, this allows them to analyze the results and make modifications in the same school year.    

The results also provide each student with room to improve and identify where each student’s skill levels are. The state associate superintendent says despite the pandemic, the students hung tough and performed well. 

The test that we take is actually a nationally normed assessment, so we are getting compared to the nation. It’s very interesting to see that all our scores are above the 50th percentile which is the national average. 

We really push our teachers and students in our schools to try to get to the 65th percentile, which is really college and career readiness.  

Our focus is always growth, academic growth, personal growth, and I think that we are always striving to get better.

Jennifer Hornyak, West Virginia’s Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools  

Hornyak says that the teachers are the real cornerstones of their schools and that is where their success comes from.