NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) – Overdose deaths are increasing. It’s a sad fact.

Preliminary data from the West Virginia DHHR shows 1,275 died of overdoses in 2020.

In New Martinsville the New Beginnings Recovery Clinic is saying no more and making treatment more accessible.

Melissa Maston grew up in Wetzel County. The APRN Nurse Practitioner said she’s what addiction and the opioid epidemic have done to the community.

She also knows how effective recovery clinics have been in other parts of the Mountain State. Maston worked in a medication assisted treatment (MAT) clinic in Ripley, West Virginia and saw the work being done there. Knowing that the closest clinics to Wetzel County were in Wheeling or Parkersburg, she decided to open one where there was a need.

If you are in a bad way, you have an addiction, the likelihood of you having transportation 30 to 40 miles away, two to three times a week is difficult.

Melissa Maston, APRN, Co-Owner, New Beginnings Recovery Clinic

Maston is co-owner of New Beginnings Recovery Clinic, which just opened its doors earlier this month. 

The clinic offers medicated assisted treatment and counseling for opioid addiction. 

You’ll have an establishment visit, which is talking to the nurse practitioner, and she will find out all your information. We’ll see what help you need um and we’ll get you started on a road to recovery.

Melissa Maston, APRN, Co-Owner, New Beginnings Recovery Clinic

The ultimate goal is a full recovery. 

The team at New Beginnings Recovery Clinic said they would love to see addicts back in the community, with their kids again, in a good job, and having a normal life. The first step, may just be walking through their door. 

You may be on suboxone the rest of your life, and that’s ok. What we look for is a productive member of society.

Melissa Maston, APRN, Co-Owner, New Beginnings Recovery Clinic

New Beginnings Recovery Clinic is located in the plaza at 3 Ada Drive in New Martinsville.

Call 304-398-2298 for an appointment, or you can just walk in.

They’re open Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but more hours may be added soon.