Flying can be uncomfortable under the best circumstances, but FoxBusiness reports that a New Zealand couple is now demanding a refund after enduring a 13-hour flight with a less-than-hygienic passenger.

The couple, Gill and Warren Press, were traveling home to New Zealand on Singapore Airlines from Paris, and according to New Zealand news outlet Stuff, they were surprised to see a passenger seated next to them was accompanied by a dog.

Gill Press reported to the news outlet that she heard heavy snorting and, after ruling out noises from her husband’s phone, discovered that it was the dog, breathing heavily beside her.

Earlier in the flight, Gill overheard the dog’s owner telling another passenger that he gets nervous on planes and needs his pet by his side.

According to the report, the group was seated in premium economy seating, and the only other seats available were located in the last row of the economy section.

The couple decided to stick with their original seating, but halfway through the flight, the dog, who was now sitting in Warren Press’s legroom area, began farting and salivating all over Warren’s leg.

After speaking to a flight attendant, the couple were moved to economy seats that were earlier reserved for staff and were told that an incident report would be filed and they would be contacted by the airline.

The Press’s reported that they did not hear back from the airline for two weeks, when they received an offer for a $74 gift voucher for Singapore Airlines’s KrisShop Website.

Gill Press responded back to the airline, explaining that the offer did not reflect the difference in value between their original premium economy seats and the seats they had to be relocated to.

The Press’s then received a counteroffer of a $200 travel voucher each, which they still didn’t feel was acceptable, and demanded a full refund of the return portion of their trip.

Stuff news outlet received an official statement from Singapore Airlines that stated they apologized for the inconvenience experienced by the couple. They said that the airline did not notify the couple that they would be sitting next to a service dog. The airline states that customers seated next to service dogs can be re-seated in the same cabin if space permits if requested.

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