(WTRF) — A man’s Facebook comment got him some unwanted attention from law enforcement stated a report by WFLA.

This week, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia posted a list of its Top 10 most wanted fugitives on Facebook.

Christopher Spaulding, a resident of the town, decided to chime in.

“How about me,” he wrote in the comments.

Police say that it turned out that even though Spaulding was not one of the most sought-after fugitives in the county, he was still wanted.

Sheriffs replied to the comment, “You are correct you have two warrants, we are on the way.”

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office’s fugitive unit immediately searched for Spaulding and quickly arrested him on two warrants for felony violation of probation.

The Sheriff office warned that the Top 10 list is based on the severity of the charges only, but that it doesn’t mean that their officers are not out looking for people who have active warrants.

Their law enforcement officers shared that they would be very accommodating if anyone else were to call in concerning their warrant.