PITTSBURGH (WTRF) — A man is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars away from the families in need at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in the Pittsburgh and Morgantown areas, according to a report by WPXI-TV.

A warrant out for the arrest of Albert Sams, from Atlanta, Georgia. Police are looking for the 39-year-old that forged 18 checks meant for a vendor of the Ronald McDonald house.

The checks never made it into the right hands. Official court documents state that Sams, who was employed at UPS, had electronically duplicated the checks, signed them to his name and cashed them.

The checks were worth nearly $86,000.

The money was meant to make the lives of families with very sick children a little easier.

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The Ronald McDonald House has provided families with a “home away from home” dealing with their seriously ill children receiving medical treatment. Families that were interviewed by reporters call this crime disgusting.

WPIX-TV interviewed Lorraine Hoopsick, who travels from Erie, PA to Pittsburgh multiple times a week for her son’s chemotherapy treatments. She states that she had to quit her job, so that with no money coming into the home and spending the majority of her time at the hospital, the Ronald McDonald House has been a blessing.

Hoopsick was frustrated that the charity, that takes care of so many in their darkest days, could be taken advantage of.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities in both Pittsburgh and Morgantown told reporters that it remains committed to its mission of helping children and families lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

UPS was asked to comment on this developing story, but reporters have not received a comment from them.