NEW YORK (WTRF) — A 23-year old McDonald’s worker was fatally shot August 1 after an alleged dispute with another man who complained about “cold fries,” according to

Matthew Webb was shot in the neck Monday evening at a Brooklyn McDonald’s and died from his injuries several days later, say reports.

New York Police Department (NYPD) authorities arrested Michael Morgan, 20, and charged him with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon on Wednesday, according to a tweet from NYPD Commissioner Sewell.

Reports say the charges are expected to be upgraded to homicide.

Morgan’s mother was allegedly involved in the dispute between the two men via FaceTime, on which she confronted Webb and complained that her fries were cold, say reports.

Morgan and Webb allegedly argued and exited left the restaurant and went outside, with Morgan shooting Webb in the neck, say reports. Morgan left the crime scene and was arrested the next day.

McDonald’s employees gathered around Webb and were crying, with one taking off his shirt to stop Webb from bleeding, a witness told the New York Post.

Morgan has a history of arrests, say reports, including grand larceny and assault and perhaps another homicide. While being questioned for the McDonald’s shooting, Morgan reportedly confessed to police that he killed Kevin Holloman in October 2021.

Morgan’s mother is reportedly cooperating with police.

One McDonald’s worker said that Webb was a “good guy” and that the restaurant had just recently stopped security services there.