NATIONAL (WTRF) — Friday, the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office reported that Joshua Neil Goen, Superintendent of Seagraves Independent School was found dead, according to KBLK.

In mid-November, a warrant was issued by Gaines County Sheriff’s Deputies and was called to Seagraves High School in Texas.

Officers found a digital recording device in the visiting girl’s locker room. This spurred an investigation where the school security video was reviewed.

The warrant stated, Superintendent Joshua Neil Goen, 43, had been watched on video entering the locker room from the hall but was not seen leaving. The same security camera then showed a girl’s basketball team arriving for a game.

The original recording device found in the locker room was examined.

The first video showed an empty locker room.

The second video showed a girls’ basketball team arriving.

The third video, according to the warrant, was interrupted by Goen unplugging it. Other videos on the storage card of the device showed Goen.

The warrant clearly states that Goen was positively identified by an FBI Special Agent and that the device was placed in the changing room to record people without consent.

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Goen was informed of an investigation on November 22, and 6 days later on November 28, officials publicly said he was placed on administrative leave.

On Monday, December 5, Goen was arrested. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched his home Tuesday. He was charged with Invasive Visual Recording – which is a state jail felony.

Goen posted bond and was released from jail while the case was pending.

He was found dead of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound at 10:15 a.m. Friday, December 9, according to KBLK.

Goen was a graduate of Shallowater High School, an hour and a half away from the school district he first served as principal of Seagraves High school and then superintendent in 2017.