42-year-old Benjamin Cutlip was found guilty June 2 of two counts of trafficking and one count of possession.

Officials say he was caught with 427 grams of meth and $3,700 in cash.

Benjamin Cutlip chose to remain silent during his sentencing.

Judge John Vavra reviewed Cutlip’s criminal history in addition to two past prison terms.

“Aggravated trafficking in drugs, there’s two of those, seven OVI’s, three domestic violence convictions, two possession of drugs, two resisting arrests, five theft offenses, assault, driving under suspension 12 times, two aggravated menacings and fleeing and eluding a police officer,” Judge Vavra read.

He said the meth that Cutlip was about to distribute would have harmed many people in the Ohio Valley. 

And he said Cutlip showed no remorse.

The judge recalled one quote from Cutlip’s trial.

“That by trafficking in drugs, his ultimate goal was to get rich,” Judge Vavra said.

He sentenced Cutlip to fourteen to nineteen and a half years in prison, the maximum under the law.

He said the sentence was to adequately punish a major drug offender and to send a message to the public that this is not a good way to get rich.

The judge also fined Cutlip $20,000 and suspended his drivers license for five years.

Authorities uncovered over 400 grams of crystal meth in a house raid last year at Cutlip’s property.

Judge John Vavra says it’s the largest quantity of meth ever in a Belmont County case.