The nearly five-year-old murder case in Powhatan is what everyone in the area is talking about. 

People are expressing relief that there has been an arrest, but not necessarily shock to learn the identity of the suspect. 

People say there were addictions that fueled the need for money, and that need for money reportedly fueled the murder of Marvin Brown. 

“It certainly appears from what we’ve uncovered so far that money was the root of what caused him to be shot,” said Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry. 

Brown was shot in the back, most likely with his own gun by a hit man who was allegedly paid with money stolen from Brown’s own business. 

“It was very cruel to go, to stoop that low, to go to use his gun, to go into his house,” said Trisha Elerick of Powhatan. 

People who knew Brown say he was generous, and the whole tragedy was unnecessary. 

“He’d give you the shirt off his back if he had to,” Elerick said. 

“I think Marvin would’ve given anything they wanted if they would’ve asked. So you know, it’s sad,” said Krisy Hendershot, owner of The Hair Studio in Powhatan. 

While people thought the case had gone cold, it had never fallen from the radar. 

“It’s never been a cold case. I mean they’ve been investigating this case since the day that it happened. They early on identified who we believe was involved. We believe others are involved. There are multiple people involved,” Fry said. 

“Nobody’s ever forgotten it in our town. So now it’s going to be put in the past hopefully and they can live on with their lives and know that they have the right people,” Hendershot said. 

The charge facing Meredith McLeod Broome is Accomplice to Murder.

The maximum possible penalty could be life in prison.