NATIONAL (WTRF) — On June 18, 2022, Derrick Clark, 24, was shot and killed by law enforcement. After months of investigation and a trial, Derrick’s family is frustrated and disappointed at the verdict, according to reports by KOIN.

At a vigil held Saturday in Milwaukie, Oregon the family demands changes are made after learning a grand jury found the shooting was justified.

The Oregon State Police trooper or Clackamas County detective will not face criminal charges involving Clark’s death after their high-speed chase just before 1:00 a.m. that night.

The family gathered in the area where Derrick was shot to remember him and to send a message to authorities.

With signs and flowers, and presenting speeches, the Clark family shared their outrage with the grand jury’s decision.

KOIN interviewed Derrick’s aunt who stated that the family was able to see the police video footage, 176 days after the incident, and that next week the public will be able to see it also.

They are certain the footage will speak for itself and suggests to reporters at KOIN that Derrick was shot in the back.

Derrick’s grandmother shared her memories of her firstborn grandson saying that he was loved by his family and had many friends that cared about him. She went on to share that he was doing many good things and will be missed forever.

The Clark family held a sign with a list of demands including:

  1. Lethal force footage is released to the family within one week of [the] incident.
  2. Officers are not allowed to view footage prior to giving statements.
  3. Accountability for agencies is standardized based on Oregon criminal justice Commission stop data findings.
  4. Overhaul of Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police policies regarding an “officer’s discretion.”
  5. Intense policy training.
  6. Grand jury transcripts are released now.

After the shooting, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum stated that the incident was tragic and that everyone wishes that it didn’t happen. Ms. Rosenblum thanked the Clackamas County grand jurors for their service along with the Oregon City and Lake Oswego police departments for their investigation.

Derrick’s family is steadfast in their fight to seek accountability on behalf of their beloved family member.

The Oregon State Police and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office did not respond for comment about the latest statements from the Clark family to reporters at KOIN. However, earlier in the week, the agencies did agree that the impact of lethal force has a wide effect on the community, and praised the patience of the grand jurors with their review of the facts.