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Tragic overdose case over the weekend in Belmont County

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio (WTRF) - Another tragic drug overdose in Belmont County over the weekend.

Officials said the numbers could be as many as nine or ten deaths in a single month.

This time, it happened in a car.

The call came in to 911 at noon on Sunday.

Two women were in a parked car on Pinch Run, south of Bellaire, unresponsive.

They were age 34 and 40.

When first responders got there, one woman had already died.

The other was able to be revived with two doses of Narcan.

The sheriff said they work around the clock to fight the drug epidemic.

Belmont County, Sheriff Dave Lucas said, "It's not enough. I know that. Even with everything we're doing, I've got three officers, three deputies, two canines and a deputy,  they do nothing but criminal interdiction on their shift. They go out and stop the cars, they work the motels. They hunt them down. But we need more of this."

Both women were Belmont County residents.

Their identities are not being revealed at this point.

The Sheriff said the evidence was sent to BCI for analysis.

One towing company owner told me he tows 15 cars a week from overdoses.

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