NEW MATAMORAS, Ohio (WTRF) – Delightful Nights returns with a tour of what’s known in New Matamoras as “The Home of Lights”. 

Go big or go home.

Haven Allen, The Home of Lights

When it comes to lights that’s Haven Allen’s motto, and he sticks to it. 

My first year I did 13,000 lights for my first light show. Then the second year I did 26,000 lights. Then last year I did 50,000 lights and this year I did 65,000 lights.

Haven Allen, The Home of Lights

All that creates “The Home of Lights”. 

Haven has been putting this spectacular music and light show together since 2017. He starts on October 1 because as you can imagine, it takes time. 

It took me about six weeks and it’s about 300 hours. If I know it’s gonna rain one day, I get up at like 1:00 in the morning and work 12 hours all night long, put up lights before it starts raining.

Haven Allen, The Home of Lights

Haven and his technical director Haddon Lockyer work together to collect donations to keep this community Christmas favorite running. 

This year, Haddon wrote a book all about the history of The Home of Lights. 

I had some extra time and we wanted to do something special this year for the light show, so I wrote a biography of Haven and what he’s done at the light show and the story of the show.

Haddon Lockyer, Technical Director

Over the years, The Home of Lights has become a local symbol of Christmas joy. 

They’re already working on a second show for next year.

No matter how big it gets, Haven and Haddon hope all their visitors never forget the true reason for the season. 

In the end, our main goal is to remind people the true meaning of Christmas that God sent his son to be born on Christmas Day so he could grow up and die for our sins on the cross. We give that and we want everyone to remember what Christmas is truly about.

Haddon Lockyer, Technical Director

If you’d like to learn more about The Home of Lights, visit their website or Facebook page.

There, you can also learn more about their e-book “Haven’s Light Bulb”.