A survey claims that football watching can be hazardous to your relationship.

The top two states in the nation for too much football watching?

West Virginia and Ohio.

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More than 150,000 tweets were tracked, expressing complaints about their significant other being glued to the TV.

Ohio Valley residents had some interesting responses when we asked if they believe it’s possible to watch too much football.

“I’ve got a satellite radio that I listen to,” said Richard Henthorn of Wellsburg. “I’ll flip around and see who’s doing what, whether it’s a Saturday college game or a Sunday pro game. I don’t stop what I’m doing during the day but I will stop at night when I’m winding down and watch a good football game.”

“I don’t thing there’s enough football!” said Danita Henthorn of Wellsburg. “I love football in my house because I like the guys and my husband all chitter chattering in the house.”

“We actually are a hockey family,” said Tia and Patrick Graham of Wellsburg. “Go Pens!”

Eighty-three percent of the complaints about excessive football watching came from women.

And most of those came from the Midwest.

Following behind West Virginia and Ohio are Nebraska, Iowa, Texas and Kentucky.