Steubenville, Ohio (WTRF) – They may not be the faces that kids see every day when they walk through the classroom door.

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But substitute teachers make sure our kids continue their educational journey, even when the teacher can’t come in.

Jefferson County says that five years ago, they had more than 160 substitute teachers on their list.

But this year, they’re down to fewer than 50.

They say the factors leading to the sub shortage are like a supply chain interruption.

Before, substitutes tended to be either young teachers who didn’t have a full-time job yet, or retired teachers.

But now, they’re going full-time at younger ages and retiring at older ages.

That’s why the Educational Service Center is encouraging those outside the field of education to gie it a shot.

They say the benefits are there no matter your age, and it can even work around your busy family life.

Another audience that substituting is very attractive to are families with school-age children, because you go to work when your kids go to school, and you’re home when they get home. So a lot of times that’s attractive to those folks as well.

Dr. Chuck Kokiko, Superintendent, Jefferson County Educational Service Center

He says as long as you have a bachelor’s degree, you can start the application process right away.

You can call 740-283-3347 to get started—they’re looking for everything from substitute teachers, to bus drivers, to custodians.