(WTRF) – College football fans know that Monday night is the biggest game of the season. 

The College Football National Championship is in just a few hours, and it won’t be just TCU and Georgia fans watching, or placing bets. 

Since many are likely to try their luck with a bet on the big game, 1-800-GAMBLER has a few tips to be responsible. 

They recommend thinking each bet through. 

The helpline expects that some people will place their first bet ever on this big game, so they want people to remember don’t bet money you don’t have and expect to lose, because odds are you will. 

A lot of times what we see is people starting out thinking that it’s fun, it’s recreational, but then they lose money that they didn’t mean to lose and they get into a hole. So, we want people to be aware of that, that it’s possible and that is not what gambling is supposed to be about.

Sheila Moran, Director of Communications & Marketing, First Choice Services

If you do happen to win big, don’t use all that money to bet again. 

What happens is people win that money and then a lot of times they see that as found money, so they put that money back into the system and they continue until they’re in a hole and they’re in debt. Often when they call us they’ve lost far more than the original win amount.

Sheila Moran, Director of Communications & Marketing, First Choice Services

Moran said that 1-800-GAMBLER does get a lot of calls from people who started with an early big win.

If you are struggling to gamble responsibly call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit 1800gambler.net.

Those phone lines are also open to people who are worried about a loved one’s habits. The hotline will give you the resources to guide them to the help they need.