If you open a bag of Doritos you may notice that bag is a little lighter.

Frito-Lay confirmed to Quartz that they downsized their bag due to inflation.

“Inflation is hitting everyone … we took just a little bit out of the bag so we can give you the same price and you can keep enjoying your chips,” a representative from Frito-Lay said.

Quartz said the previous bag that was 9.76 oz. is now 9.25 oz. with five fewer chips.

Other products that downsized included Bouty Triples that had 165 sheets with the new version having 147 sheets which made three fewer sheets per roll or 18 fewer uses.

Wheat Thins also reduced how many crackers go into a box. Wheat Thins moved from a 16 oz. box to a 14. oz box which is 28 fewer crackers.

PepsoCo also moved on from their 32 oz size bottle for a 28 oz bottle for the same price.

“The redesign generates a new cost and the bottles are a little bit more expensive…this is only a matter of design,’ a representative from PepsiCo told the news outlet.