WHEELING, W.Va. — The Salvation Army of Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler counties announces that Dr. Ricardo Zambito has agreed to serve as the 2023 Red Kettle Christmas Chair.

In his role as the Red Kettle Christmas Chair, Dr. Zambito will be The Salvation Army’s voice for the 2023 Red Kettle Drive throughout Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler Counties, helping to meet the community’s needs.

“Most of us have seen The Salvation Army’s red kettles during the Christmas season, and most of us have probably donated to them, but I’m not sure how many of us truly realize what the donations are used for. After I researched it myself, I was impressed to see the love of Jesus Christ being exemplified through the daily work of The Salvation Army throughout the entire year. I am honored to represent this fantastic organization as the 2023 Red Kettle Christmas Chair”, Dr. Zamito said.

Lt. John Lawrence, the corps officer at The Salvation Army, is excited about working with Dr. Zambito.

“When I first met Dr. Zambito, he was giving a dental check-up to one of our triplets. His calm demeanor and his willingness to express his faith led me to follow the direction of our advisory board and ask him to join us in our efforts to meet the needs of our community,” Lawrence said.

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