(WTRF)–In Ohio, May is Bike Helmet Safety Awareness month.  

Jefferson County General Health District has teamed up with the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics in a statewide effort to remind everyone to “Put a Lid on It!” 

According to the CDC, wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of brain injury by 88% and reduces the risk of injury to the face by 65%.  

Medical Director, Dr. Ben Lasure, says as a parent, you should buy the helmet before you buy the bike.  

Every year over 1000 cyclists die from road related injuries. Bicycle traffic accounts for less than 1% of vehicles on the road. It’s in your best interest and reduce costs.

The healthcare system, reduce hospitalization, reduce death, and protect you. It’s a fairly simple, easy, relatively inexpensive thing to do. Just get a helmet that fits appropriately. Wear it and it’s better for everyone involved.

Dr. Ben Lasure, medical director, WVU Medicine Renyolds Memorial Hospital 

He says it is just not worth the risk.  

The movement to get bicyclists to wear helmets is not just for children.  

The Jefferson County Health District say that parents who model wearing their bike helmet increase the likelihood of a child wearing their helmet.  

So, help keep yourself and everyone while riding a bike safe this summer and “Put a Lid on It.”