(WJW) — A family has filed a lawsuit against a Texas funeral home after they say their loved ones body was left to rot.

Julieta Guerra, listed as the plaintiff in the lawsuit, is seeking monetary relief from Integrity Funeral Home after she says her son, Edward Silva, was not embalmed properly in the days after his death, according to court documents.

Silva died unexpectedly on Feb. 9 2021.

The arrangement between the Guerra and the funeral home was that his body would be refrigerated until the funeral and she would bring her son’s clothes and change him.

It happened right when a winter storm hit Texas, knocking the power out. The document says Guerra saw that Integrity Funeral Home had no generators running while other nearby funeral homes did.

It wasn’t until Feb. 23, the day of the funeral, that Guerra was finally able to see her son’s body.

The lawsuit says his body was badly deteriorated and smelled rotten. His chest cavity had remained open and was not sewn back up. The funeral clothing she brought for him did not fit his body because of the “extreme post mortem swelling.” His shirt and and suit had to be ripped opened and draped over him.

The funeral home attempted to spray cologne and place coffee grounds in the coffin in a failed attempt to mask the odor.

Over 100 loved ones gathered with plans for an open-casket funeral but the decision was made to close the casket after some guests were covering their noses and even retching from the odor.

In the days after the funeral, Guerra attempted to get her son’s belongings but was told the items were thrown away.

Guerra says that she now suffers panic attacks and is seeking monetary damages after her business profits declined $350,000 per year in profits.

FOX News reached out to the funeral home for comment.