Feeling the effects of the coin shortage? Sheetz customers can help

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April 29 2021 08:00 pm

(WTRF) – If you don’t like a heavy wallet, or jingling when you walk, chances are you don’t tote around much spare change. So, you may not be feeling the coin shortage just yet. 

Convenience stores are.

With many of their customers using cash, Sheetz is trying to get its patrons to donate to charity to keep those coins circulating. 

This coin shortage seems to be hitting gas stations and convenience stores the hardest because we do see a lot of cash transactions.

Nick Ruffner, Public Relations Manager, Sheetz

While some stores are asking for exact change or credit cards only, the 601 Sheetz stores haven’t reached that point just yet.

I wouldn’t say it’s an emergency situation for any of those store locations, but the good thing is that because it isn’t an emergency situation yet it allows us to kind of be proactive. 

Nick Ruffner, Public Relations Manager, Sheetz

If you soon see signs on businesses asking for exact change or credit card use, it means the places you shop are feeling the effects of the coin shortage as the Federal Reserve and U.S. Mint try to fix the situation. 

The U.S. Mint has some social distancing requirements in place and they’re doing business differently as well, so I think there’s less production going around.

Nick Ruffner, Public Relations Manager, Sheetz

At Sheetz, there are ways you as a customer can help keep those coins in circulation. 

First, use the plastic and charge your purchases to a credit or debit card.

Second, bring in and donate unwanted change to the employee-run charity Sheetz for the Kidz. 

Employees going out and shopping for and wrapping and presenting gifts in the holiday season for kids that are less fortunate impacts 16 kids per store, so a really great program.

Nick Ruffner, Public Relations Manager, Sheetz

Ruffner said this program has been around for about 30 years and they typically collect the donations this time of year. At the end of the month, Sheetz will make a larger donation to the cause and all the donated change can be put into circulation.

Customers can also try the mobile options to eliminate change.

SHcan & Go! runs through the Sheetz app and allows customers to scan anything in the store, and pay for it from their mobile device as long as they link a credit or debit card. Customers can also order and pay for food on the app and website before picking up in the store.

We don’t have any indication on when this could end, and of course with the pandemic ongoing it’s really hard to say.

Nick Ruffner, Public Relations Manager, Sheetz

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