A man posted on social media an encounter that he and his wife had on a Delta airline flight, saying the Delta flight attendant told his wife she had a ‘stupid face.’


The man, allegedly known as Thomas Todd, went to Twitter and said ‘ This out of control flight attendant verbally assaulted,threaten us, and had us wrongly removed from our flight back in November. Delta ask us to remove all posts so they could take care of us. It’s been almost 2 months since Kenneth Jabonski has responded to us.’

In the video Todd says ‘ “I have you on video saying my wife has a stupid face.” 

“I don’t care, you’re being  rude. Rude, since the moment at the back,” the flight attendant said in the video.

According to View From The Wing, the confrontation started when the safety video was playing and the flight attendant allegedly told Thomas that he should watch the video and that he might learn something.

The attendant allegedly looked at his wife and said ‘don’t look at me with that stupid face,’ according to the news outlet.

Delta agent’s apologized according to Todd but they were not provided a follow-up from customer service regarding compensation and that’s why Todd released the video.

Several news outlets reached out to Delta for a comment but did not immediately respond.

The woman’s face has yet to be revealed from internet searches done by 7News