One of our Former Reporters Dave Elias now lives and works in Fort Myers, Cape Coral Florida where Hurricane Ian is suspected to make land fall.

Hurricane Ian is a Category 3 right now but it is expected to strengthen.

Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.

He says what he’s seeing right now is grey skies, steady rain fall, and a big concern is now storm surges.

“They’re telling us that some areas could get up to 8 to 10 feet of storm surge. I live in Zone B, Zone A and B now here in southwest Florida have mandatory evacuations. So many of us are now faced with the decision of do we evacuate at this late notice or do we just ride out the storm.”

Dave Elias – Former WTRF employee

He says he is going to ride out Hurricane Ian at home and he hopes to sleep through it!

As for us back here in the valley, we could see a remnant shower by the weekend, but it is very unlikely this system creates an impact.