JEFFERSON COUNTY, OHIO (WTRF) – Franciscan University is offering a safe haven for Jewish students.

University officials said they’re witnessing a spike in antisemitic sentiment being expressed on various college campuses across the nation. So they’re offering an expedited transfer process to allow any Jewish student to enter Franciscan University immediately.

They say the recent Hamas terror attacks and the resulting war have led to an increase in threats of violence against the Jewish people.

“We have a range of tools we can offer to help students. We have online programs we can deploy, online courses, obviously we have ground courses. Um if they want to come physically we can find a place for them and treat them with respect and warmth. If they want to study at a distance, we can accommodate that as well.”

Stephen Hildebrand, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Franciscan University

They say it’s highly unusual to admit students in the middle of a semester, but they decided it was the right thing under the circumstances. They say they can bend and flex and allow those students to enter immediately.

They also told us that Christianity comes from Judaism and, “We think of them as our older brothers.”