Frozen pipes bursting can cause severe damage to a home


The frigid cold weather is headed this way and while you’re busy preparing yourselves, you might want to take a minute and protect your pipes too. 

If your home has a sink that’s near an exterior wall, open the cabinet doors to let warm air in. Also, if you know of any areas in your home prone to freezing pipes, you can safely use a small space heater.

 “You don’t want to plug it into extension chords or plug it into six-prong outlets and things like that, or near drapery because then you run the risk of causing a fire,” explained Josh Contraguerro, the vice president of marketing for Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration. 

Experts say you can also let a sink drip, as flowing water makes it harder for pipes to freeze. 

If your pipes do freeze, shut the water off to that area or to the entire house in case a pipe broke to prevent damage. 

“If it happens for instance in an attic or up in a ceiling you’re talking about downed ceilings,” Contraguerro continued. “A lot of times kitchens or bathrooms can get destroyed so you could possibly loose cabinetry and flooring and things like that depending on what gets wet and how long it stays wet.”

Also pay close attention to rental properties or if you have a home for sale that’s not occupied. Be sure to check the thermostat battery before the cold hits. A dead battery means the heat won’t kick on, which can also lead to frozen pipes. 

“If you are out or you know of a friend or relative that’s out of town right now, maybe stop by and see if you can get in and check on their house,” Contraguerro said. “Make sure the heat is on.” 

Frozen pipes bursting can cause severe damage to a home. Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration recently purchased 800 pieces of new equipment such as dehumidifiers, air movers and drying fans to be ready to assist if called when these sort of accidents happen. 

“We train our employees how to handle jobs whether it’s in a home, a hospital, nursing home, commercial facility, a school they’re all trained and know what to do and why to do it to use the equipment the way it needs to be used,” Contraguerro continued. 

If you’d like to learn more about Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration’s services, click here to visit their website

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