WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – There’s a new piece of art welcoming you to “Main Street” at Woodsdale Elementary School. 

The once plain hallway is now lined with a beautiful mural featuring some of Wheeling’s historic landmarks. 

After some major renovations, the school tried to come up with ways to bring more permanent artwork into the building. 

This project was done in collaboration with Wheeling Heritage. 

“I think it’s really special too for the kids to get to see some buildings that aren’t just being preserved, but are being used. For example, the Capitol Theatre. It’s not just a beautiful building. It’s one that they can go see a show at or a concert someday. Or, they can walk around Centre Market and really experience these places.” 

Alex Panas, Program Manager, Wheeling Heritage

The mural features sites like The Capitol Theatre, Centre Market and even the Suspension Bridge.

All the design was done by students at Wheeling Park High School from “Studio 235”.

“I love that our younger students in the county can see a finished product from a project that students did there so our students that are interested in the creative route can see like ‘hey in a few years this is the kind of stuff you can do once you get to Park’.”  

Addie Boggs, Special Education Teacher, Woodsdale Elementary School

“I think it’s like really cool because it’s something that once it’s finally done you’re like that’s actually really cool and I’m impressed with myself because it’s always good to finish a product no matter how long or how short it is.” 

Zoë Jacobs, Junior, Wheeling Park High School

On Friday afternoon some of the Woodsdale Elementary students spent some time with Wheeling Heritage to learn a bit more about Wheeling’s history and the buildings shown in in the mural. 

This art comes at the perfect time because it’s also National Historic Preservation Month.