MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. and WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Holidays are a time when most restaurants close their doors so they can cook for their own families.

But for two businesses in the Ohio Valley, Thanksgiving wasn’t just a meal, it was an act of charity.

From 11 until 1 this afternoon, an assembly line of volunteers at Bob’s Lunch in Moundsville filled box after box of holiday comfort food—without asking anything in return.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, noodles and pie were all present, all courtesy of the diner.

For about a decade they’ve made it their mission to serve anyone who walks through their doors.

Those who help out say it isn’t just need-based.

I just had a gentleman who came in just a few minutes ago, and he said to me, ‘you know, there’s just me and my wife, and we can’t make a big dinner,’ and he says ‘I can come down here and I can get a dinner and we can go home and we can enjoy it,’ and those are the types of things that make you feel good.

Francie Brak Myers, Volunteer

Prior to COVID the meals were dine-in, but the carry-out system worked so well they stuck with it this year.

At Rachel’s on 16th in Wheeling, a line formed at noon today as they also put together free Thanksgiving meals for whomever asked for them.

They didn’t ask for proof of residence or income, just how many boxes you wanted.

It’s a tradition for the owner ever since he and his wife started their business in 2019.

Hopefully we’ve fed some people and blessed some folks. We don’t really care too much if, you could be homeless, you could have a mansion. I don’t care. Our job is to feed folks. So as long as we complete that job, that’s all we care about.

Jeramie Alvarado, Owner, Rachel’s on 16th

They fed more than 100 people last year, and prepare a little more food every Thanksgiving.

He says the meal giveaway is something they always plan on before they enjoy their own holiday dinner.