ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – It’s the beginning of football season and you know what that means; you need somewhere to watch the games and grab a beer and burger at the same time.

A bar in St. Clairsville is quickly making itself the hotspot for gridiron fans.

Coaches Burger Bar is a relatively new chain, opening its doors in 2015, but its reputation is rapidly spreading south.

Their other five locations are mostly in the Youngstown area, but with their newest location they’re ready to serve their vision of American cuisine to Belmont County on a bun.

Coaches is not only a place where you can watch the game with friends, but you can also come and hang out with your family for a nice meal on a Sunday.

Melissa DelSignore, Marketing and Project Manager

One look at their menu is enough to explain their popularity with the dinner crowd.

It should give no trouble to even the pickiest of eaters between sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas and salads.

Of course the centerpiece is the burgers. They come Pittsburgh-style, Texas-style and everything in between with onions, bacon and barbecue all making a regular appearance as toppings.

They also throw a bone to the herbivores with veggie burgers.

I would call them gourmet for sure, they’re definitely a must-try.

Melissa DelSignore, Marketing and Project Manager

Since opening last Monday, a steady stream of customers have filed their seats and the entire complex has taken notice.

It’s been such a success that lines are forming even before the gates are opened at 11:00 a.m.

The burgers are great, the atmosphere is wonderful, and we are just pleased to see how they’ve doing so far.

Candi Noble-Greathouse, Marketing Director, Ohio Valley Mall

We are just so thankful for the St. Clairsville community and the tri-state area for the tremendous amount of support we’ve received.

Melissa DelSignore, Marketing and Project Manager

Even when the season is done and over with, Coaches will still be a place that unifies us over our love of great plays and spicy wings.

They say they’ve been in such heavy demand this late summer that they’re only dine-in and take-out for now. Coaches will be showing up on your DoorDash app soon enough.