WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Chili preparations are underway, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do any of the cooking.

This Saturday, the 19th annual Wheeling Feeling Chili Cookoff expects around 2,500 guests to chow down on chili made from coast to coast at the Waterfront in Downtown Wheeling.

Everyone is welcome to “chill” free of charge.

For just $1, each guests can use their tasting cups and spoons, which were being packaged by volunteers from the United Way on Thursday. Those will help visitors taste chili from 35 individual cooks and 10 restaurants in the Wheeling area in five different categories.

Chili Chairperson Rose Warmuth said that the winners of each individual category will go on to compete in the World Cookoff in Myrtle Beach to bring that ‘Wheeling Feeling’ to the south.

What does it take to earn the title of Chili Chairperson?

Well, good chili of course. Rose told 7News that her husband, head judge Brian Warmuth’s chili is her favorite.

He’s got a killer batch of red, so he’s a great head judge.

He’s won many different state cookoffs. I also have cooked. I’ve won the state myself, but not nearly as many trophies as he has won.

Rose Warmuth, Chili Chairperson

Along with the “head chili,” The Wheeling Feeling Chili Cookoff will welcome back 50 people from the community who judge routinely.

Every penny raised goes to the Upper Ohio Valley United Way to add on to the $130,000 already raised since the cookoff first began years ago.