WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A few head rubs was all you needed to make a new friend at the Levenson Shelter today.

Oglebay continued their weekend of canine events with a gathering strictly for golden retrievers and those who held their leash.

The orange and tan coats were all over the field as owners met to discuss one of the friendliest breeds in the dog world.

There was no fighting except for some play wrestling and the only barks were ones of excitement.

We’ll let the golden fans explain some of their pups’ most fetching characteristics.

They’re the most calm, smart dogs, gentle.

Rick Dunlevy, Has owned 6 golden retrievers

They’re so good with children. I mean even as a young pup, they’ll lay down and let the six-month-old pull on their hair to pull over to crawl.

Donna Gernert, Golden retriever owner

Well, I guess I just love the ability he has to come home every night and give a big hug and a big kiss.

Katrina Smith, Golden retriever owner

Oglebay has been gathering the goldens together for more than three decades now.

As one owner mentioned, the world would be much more peaceful if people were this happy to see each other.