WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – A long time law enforcement official is being honored for his life time of service to the local community.

Former Ohio County Sheriff and FBI agent Tom Burgoyne was named Youth Services System 2021 Good Samaritan.

Officials from YSS said Burgoyne supported the community in a number of ways, including his work with their Winter Freeze Shelter.

On Tuesday, Burgoyne was honored with a tree planting ceremony at YSS’s Good Samaritan Shelter.

He said he is humbled by the recognition.

The Good Samaritan has always been what I call one of the heroes in the bible. He stands out because he took the extra step and to be compared to somebody like that. I know at my age I could have never made the walk from Jerusalem to Jericho and certainly my donkey would have never made it either, so I’m just really happy.

Tom Burgoyne, 2021 YSS Good Samaritan

We are just thrilled that he accepted our request to have him honored at this Good Samaritan Dinner this year. I’m glad that we do this because I think it’s an opportunity to hold up to the community people who make differences.

John Moses, CEO, Youth Services System, Inc.

As and FBI agent Burgoyne headed the local drug task force before retiring in 1996. He then served two terms as Ohio County Sheriff from 2000 to 2008. He also volunteered as a coach and a mentor for local teens.

He will be honored again during the Good Samaritan Dinner on Thursday, September 16.