WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Seventeen years of continuous commitment—renewed with the reveal of a bright blue building.

Augusta Levy held the grand opening of their new Fortress for Heroes, which they say is a massive upgrade from any of the learning center’s previous spaces.

After a fire destroyed their North Wheeling home in 2018, they moved into temporary classrooms while they rebuilt their vision from the ground up.

While they moved in early last year, they never got a chance to show its full potential to the public until now.

Especially through the past four years, to go through the fire, to go through the pandemic, to lose a staff member during the pandemic.

Angie Wood, Executive Director, Augusta Levy Learning Center

Their services have been invaluable to Wheeling and West Virginia since 2005.

Working with children on the autism spectrum, their approach goes far beyond standard school subjects.

We work on everything from how to learn, to teaching children how to speak and find their voices, to taking care of themselves, self-care and leisure activities and academics.

Kathy Shapell, Founder of Augusta Levy Learning Center

And now they’ll be able to fulfill their mission like never before.

With double the classroom size and rooms for early intervention and pre-teens, they’re ready to grow with their children.

And all with a superhero theme to remind the kids of their potential.

We can program for our kids within our walls. Everything is tailored for their individual needs.

Angie Wood, Executive Director, Augusta Levy Learning Center

For the older kids, there’s even an apartment with a washer, dryer and kitchen—to help build the independence they’ll need for that first job.

We have graduates who are now working out in the community or continuing their education, and they talk about what an impact this had on them.

Kathy Shapell, Founder of Augusta Levy Learning Center

The building may mark an end point to Augusta Levy’s long journey.

But for the children who develop in their care, it’s only the beginning of theirs.