WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Will they make it or break it?

That was the question as students at St. Michael Parish School in Wheeling dropped pumpkins off of the roof Friday.

Groups of middle schoolers were tasked with putting together boxes that could last the heavy-duty fall…with only a few pumpkins surviving un-squashed after the first round.

Pillows, blankets and bubble wrap were all used as shock-absorbing material.

But the winning fifth-grade team put their knowledge from STEM camp to good use.

We layered the bottom with styrofoam, and stuffed some toilet paper in it, and put wet foam on top, a layer of bubble wrap and then we put our pumpkin in and then some toilet paper in surrounding our pumpkin.

Charlie Contraguerro, Jeff Dawson and Ben Phillips, Pumpkin Drop winners

Their tip for anyone else trying this project: toilet paper rolls without the cardboard center makes the landing much softer.

The school wants to thank the Zwack family for donating dozens of pumpkins in the name of science and Halloween entertainment.