WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — There aren’t many movies whose central plot involves getting dressed up.

But a Wheeling filmmaker managed to turn an article of clothing into cinematic success.

Director Shawn Holmes’s “How to Tie a Tie” follows a young man going through a male rite of passage without a father to help.

The movie sold out the Scottish Rite Cathedral for its premiere in January, and since then it’s filled seats internationally.

It’s now been nominated for Best Short Film at the Peachtree International Film Festival, which could qualify “How To Tie a Tie” for an Oscar.

It’s won so many film festivals I’ve legitimately lost track. We’ve won Best Director awards, Best Actor awards, Best Actress awards. We’ve just won Best Screenplay at the Ibadan International Film Festival, which is the third-largest city in Nigeria. It’s just going worldwide and winning everything.

Shawn Holmes, Director, “How to Tie a Tie”

However, they can’t get that Academy Award nomination without your help.

Head to howtotieatiemovie.com and give the movie 5 stars to help them out when they head to Georgia.