BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – One local business is doing their part and making face masks to protect against the spread if COVID-19.

Joe’s Tire has been making masks since the end of March, and so far they have produced 1,500 masks, and they’re continuing to make more now! All of them have been distributed throughout the Ohio Valley, thanks to their employees and volunteers. Masks have gone to nursing homes, senior citizen apartments, and some have been donated to hospitals to have them sent home with patients. And, they even dropped some off at peoples’ homes. They’re accepting donations but not requiring them.

CEO of Joe’s Tire, Jake Hershberger, told 7News “safety is our number one priority as a company that’s our core value and it’s important that we keep our employees safe, our customers safe, and we want to keep our community safe and so we want to do whatever we can play that role”

They plan to make as many as possible, and if that’s another 1,000 or 2,000, they’re ready! Joe’s Tire is grateful for the community and customer support through everything going on.

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