WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. (WTRF) – Remember being a kid and anxiously counting down the minutes until Kennywood opened?

There’s nothing like heading through the line for the first time. Even if you’re a repeat guest, the park will look different and new.

Really just creating a more engaging atmosphere that people love to be at. The park, you know it needed some TLC in some areas, got what it needed and then a whole lot more.

Nick Paradise, Director of Communications, Kennywood Park

A multi-million dollar investment made the park brighter, and more fun just in time to celebrate 125-years of enjoyment.

What are we most excited for today? We’re really excited for potato patch, the fries. And the Kangaroo! We’re so excited for the return. That’s our family favorite ride.

Ariel & Anneliese Lenhart, Visiting from Morgantown

That’s right, the famous Kangaroo is back and perhaps better than ever.

It’s a legacy ride that had been here for about 60-years and it needed a lot of work. We were able to modernize it. So, upgrading it with the latest technology while still preserving that classic ride experience that people know and love.

Nick Paradise, Director of Communications, Kennywood Park

The Kangaroo also got a new paint job and new lighting to make it a centerpiece of the park.

All the other classic rides are back as well. 

Even if the coasters aren’t for you, Kennywood is trying to make sure there’s something for everyone. 

They’ve brought back the Bites and Pints Food and Drink Festival on Thursdays to Sundays through the end of June. Specialty food stations are set up with items created by a gourmet chef inspired by cuisine from around the world.

Kennywood also plans to add more live music and performances to the park.

Having things that are enjoyable and enticing for the littlest people in the family, through adults, the thrill seekers and then also for senior-citizens and the grandparents that they want to come and enjoy the experience.

Nick Paradise, Director of Communications, Kennywood Park

Young or old, first time visitors or seasoned pass holders, Kennywood is ready to welcome you. 

We love the fun. we love the family-friendly atmosphere and we love that they’re bringing back all the traditions here at Kennwyood this year.

Ariel & Anneliese Lenhart, Visiting from Morgantown

Kennywood does suggest that if you’re planning a trip, do it in advance. You can still get season passes, and certain days have specialty pricing as well.

Find all the information at kennywood.com.