WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — This is the weekend to skip the Big Mac and go for a kibbeh.

There will be hundreds of the meat patties for you to try at Sunday’s Lebanese Festival at the Levenson Shelter.

Hosted for the 89th year by Our Lady of Lebanon church, it promises to once again offer games, food and dancing as the summer winds down.

It hasn’t skipped a year since beginning in 1933, just after the church on Eoff Street was destroyed by fire.

Not only did the church go on to thrive, but a painting of the Virgin Mary survived all the destruction…and still hangs above the congregation today.

It is miraculous because we have a picture of the Blessed Virgin behind the altar, so when the church was on fire, it was not damaged, and one of the firemen attests that when they had the hose, the water spread.

Liz Murad, Lebanese Festival Committee Chairperson

The church and the miracle will be celebrated with a larger get-together than in the past two years.

You can join them and try a kibbeh from 11 until 7 this Sunday.