Veterans were treated to an assembly in their honor at Our Lady of Peace School in Mt. Olivet.

The students learned the history of Veterans Day.

They were told it began in 1919 as Armistice Day, but that only referred to one war.

So it was eventually changed to Veterans Day to honor all veterans every November 11.

“I believe it’s celebrating veterans, alive or deceased.” said Brody Allman, 8th grade student. “They risked their lives to save our country and give us the freedoms we have today.”

“It means thanking all the veterans in my family for all the services they gave to thisamazing country, and thanking veterans that I do not know and just listening and hearing their stories,” said Lilly Whitelatch, 8th grade student.

The main speaker, Chuck Johnson, a National Guard veteran, told students he was deployed on  his birthday, missed his daughter’s birthday and his wedding anniversary and got only four days leave for his father’s funeral.

The students gave the veterans thank you cards and hand colored art work.