OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Students in Ohio County will be getting some extra blessings in their schools. Blessing Boxes that is. 

The county recently received a $10,000 Save the Children Grant. It will allow for the Blessing Boxes program to expand. 

They’re filled with anything a student could need, and the motto is ‘take what you need, give what you can’. 

With this grant, there will also be a hub created at Triadelphia’s Annex for families in the school system who need some extra blessings. That hub will include items like food, clothing and toiletries. 

High risk families will be referred, and they can get everything they need for free. Just to make sure the kids get everything they need and want to come to school because it’s really hard with kids right now. They compare to each other.

Stacy Dietz, Communities in Schools Liaison, Ohio County

Dietz wrote the grant last year when she was principal at Bethlehem Elementary School, which has a Blessing Box in front of the school.

Now, as the liaison for Communities in Schools, she is hoping that the Blessing Boxes and the hub will be used to help the families of the students that benefit from the program.

Ohio County Schools in general is lucky to be selected as a county to have community in schools positions in the county, but the Warwood School community is definitely going to benefit because we have an individual with us five days a week.

Joey Subasic, Principal, Warwood School

Communities in Schools is a nationwide program and Ohio County was selected to put liaisons in a few of its schools. Their role will be to help high-risk students to succeed in school.