WINTERSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — A nearly one-million dollar facility opened its doors in Jefferson County today—made specifically to be set on fire.

It’s a new training academy for Ohio firefighters, to prepare them for whatever obstacles stand in the way of a quick rescue.

The ribbon was cut at the Pugliese Fire Training Center in Wintersville today, marking a new era for emergency response in eastern Ohio.

Chief Rob Herrington says hands-on experience for his company used to be a hassle.

The people who provided the training courses were from outside the area, we didn’t have a facility, so we were scraping together, we could use this house this week, and then we wouldn’t have a house the next time.

Chief Rob Herrington, Wintersville Fire & Rescue

The multi-story building is custom-designed for dozens of scenarios.

Trainees can experience live burn areas and flashover training, and smoke can be pumped onto every floor.

And they say it isn’t just about what they can do once they’re inside the building.

And the great thing about it is that it really doesn’t wear out. So much of it is just reusable so that we can use it literally every day.

Chief Rob Herrington, Wintersville Fire & Rescue

The building will get the most use from students of the department’s Gary R. Fellows Training Academy.

But departments throughout Jefferson, Harrison and Belmont Counties can schedule sessions there too.

It’s really great when you can have a dream about something that will benefit not only the department in your community but in a broader area.

Chief Rob Herrington, Wintersville Fire & Rescue

Their goal for 2023 is to use it four or five days out of the week, because a fire rescue requires courage that extends beyond the walls of a classroom.

Even with all the danger they can prepare for with this building…there’s still more construction to do.

They’re planning a new structure to teach responders how to make a grain bin rescue.