WEIRTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – While technically the NFL season ends each year after the Super Bowl, for athletes there really is no off season because they’re training for the next year.

The same could probably be said for Weirton artist Tempy Moore who’s made her mark in sport memorabilia with her vivid depictions of big game moments. For Tempy there is no off season.

She’s hard at work in her home studio perfecting pieces that depict our beloved black and gold over multiple sports and season.

Every year’s in a challenge and a new adventure. We started this based on just a love of drawing and we’ve been able to take it to places we never thought we could take it.

Scott Moore, Tempy’s Husband

If you’re summing up the last few years for Tempy Moore like you’re talking football, you’d probably call it one heck of a game.

She’s made her name well-known in the sports memorabilia world and has met fans of the black and gold all over the country.

To push the envelope just to make it challenging and to evolve at the times or evolve with my artwork to push it to the next level is crucial to me staying around I think.

Tempy Moore, Artist

Over the years her artwork has changed and developed into her signature style of the brightly colored and immensely detailed portraits of Pittsburgh’s favorite stars.

Tempy is a perfectionist at heart, so it’s not unusual for a piece to take 50-hours or more. She said her current project depicting Joe Flacco and Troy Polamalu has taken that many hours so far and Tempy isn’t done yet.

It’s more about the process for me than the end result because I’ll sit here and tinker with it for the next month if I could. It’s never gonna be perfect, but I just have to move one and go on to the next one and maybe the next one will be better than a last.

Tempy Moore, Artist

When football season is over, hockey will be back once again.

Tempy works frequently with the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, turning what seems like game-used cast offs into one of a kind works of art. Some are even finished live at games.

The sky is the limit. I’m sure as she learns more and we get more opportunities to create that the sky is the limit.

Scott Moore, Tempy’s Husband

Tempy continues to push the boundaries with her artwork, taking it from canvas to people.

She’s been learning how to tattoo and hopes to one day make the transition from black and white pieces to portraits.

I have done some small ones here and there and I’m working on learning that trade and learning from a few respected artists that are coming to visit me next month.

Tempy Moore, Artist

Whether she’s drawing a tribute to a dear friend, or showcasing the former Heinz Field, Tempy puts the same amount of dedication and detail into each new piece she’s made over the last year.

A groundbreaking artist as the first female ever licensed by the NFL through the Deacon Jones Foundation, she keeps her passion for drawing and creating at the forefront of her work. It’s helped Tempy become a name both players and fans recognize, but also a name that she hopes the next generation of artists will look up to.

Be an inspiration to young women out there that if you want it bad enough you can get it, but you have to go out and get it yourself. No one’s going to give you anything.

Scott Moore, Tempy’s Husband

Tempy and Scott plan to display her work at plenty more shows this year. Now that travel is an option once again, they’re going to visit some international fans of the black and gold.

Keep up with her at or by following “Art for Yinz” on Facebook and Instagram.