WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – There’s a lot of construction on 16th Street in Downtown Wheeling as Helping Heroes continues to transform a historic building into a place that will assist area veterans. 

On Thursday, that effort received some assistance from the Ohio Valley Street Survivors Car Club. 

The Ohio Valley Street Survivors fundraise all year with car cruises and other events. So, they gave all those proceeds to local organizations that help the Ohio Valley. 

Helping Heroes received $1,000 that will go towards building construction. 

We’re a small-town organization, a really grass roots organization and that’s how this project is going to get done by donations just like this. A $1,000 donation means a lot to us and we really do appreciate it.

R.J. Konkoleski, CEO, Helping Heroes

It’s a $6 million project and Helping Heroes said construction finally began this week. First there will be demolition and working on the roof collapse. Next, crews will start asbestos abatement and getting the elevator back in order.

For the Ohio Valley Street Survivors, they know every little bit helps and they’re happy to contribute. 

There are lots of vets and we need to support them and this is a local thing and we need to support it as much as we can. We thought if we did some donation that maybe some other locals would donate as well.

Bill Sandiford, President, Ohio Valley Street Survivors Car Club

The Ohio Valley Street Survivors Car Club also donated to nine other local charities and three area animal shelters. 

They say they were able to raise more money at their events this year than in previous years and it’s all thanks to the generosity of the community. 

If you are a veteran in need of help or know someone who is, Helping Heroes is here for you at their new temporary location at the McClure Hotel office spaces at 1200 Market Street in Downtown Wheeling. You can also call them at 304-232-0114 or visit helpingheroesinc.org.